Volunteer FAQ

Please get in touch with our Volunteer Manager, Felicia, at felicia@theneighbornetwork.org for follow up on any of these questions.

Do I need a background or reference check to be a Neighbor Network volunteer?

Different Neighbor Network programs have different requirements. Being a Wellness Caller requires a background check; being a Friendly Caller requires a casual reference check; and being a phone banker does not require screening.

What is the minimum commitment to be a volunteer?

For Wellness Callers and Friendly Callers, we ask that you commit to making calls for at least 3 months. If something comes up in that time, we totally understand, but we ask that you start out with this commitment in mind. Phone bankers have no minimum requirement beyond attending your first calling event; however, we would love for you to make calls and return for more events!

What are the age requirements for volunteers?

For Wellness Callers, you must be 18 or over. For Friendly Callers and phone bankers, you must be 16 or over.

Can I record service hours for my school/job/etc. as a Neighbor Network volunteer?

Our staff can sign off on service hours. Please note we do not track our volunteers’ hours, however; we can only verify them based on the number of calls you have made.

Are Neighbor Network volunteer opportunities all remote?

All volunteer opportunities are currently remote except for select outreach opportunities with our vaccine support program.

Can I intern for the Neighbor Network?

The Neighbor Network does accept interns to work on projects such as graphic design, social media and senior outreach. Get in touch if you’re interested in this opportunity.

Can the Neighbor Network do a volunteer event with my company/school/religious organization?

Yes, we can host volunteer events, including trainings and phone bank calling events, for your organization. Get in touch to learn more!

I can’t make any of the training sessions currently listed. Can I still volunteer?

We regularly schedule more sessions. Fill out this form to be updated on new trainings. If you cannot make any of the times we typically schedule, get in touch with us.

I’m nervous about talking to strangers over the phone. What should I do?

This is totally understandable! While this type of volunteer engagement is not for everyone, we would still encourage you to attend one of our trainings and see what you think. We provide tips and suggestions for handling your first conversations in our program. While it is certainly challenging to call someone you’ve never spoken with before, making a connection with them can be extremely rewarding. Additionally, you can get in touch with us to discuss which of our varied volunteer opportunities might be right for you.

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