Heights and Hills Volunteer Information

Note: please only use the resources on this page if you attended a training on making wellness calls to older adults in Brooklyn with Heights and Hills.

You can review the presentation from the volunteer trainings here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the FAQ about participating in this program. It covers the purpose of our program, maintaining boundaries, common questions about what Heights and Hills can do for clients, and more.

How to log your calls

We recommend you call each person you are matched with once or twice a week. Please use this form to log every call you make, even if you do not connect. If you do connect, try to record an answer to every question if you can.

Resend match information

If you lose track of the contact information for the older adults you are calling, fill out this form and it will get resent to you.

Request new matches

You can request new matches if you do not reach some or all of the people you were assigned to call, or you do reach them, but they do not want to receive ongoing calls. You can also request new matches if you are already making regular calls and want to take on more!

To do so, please fill out this form.

How to notify us if you want to stop making calls

If you want to stop calling one or all of your matches, we understand! Just let us know using this form.

Contact us

If you have any questions, email us at wellness@heightsandhills.org with “wellness calls” in the subject line.

Thanks so much for volunteering!

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